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About our personnel and services

(Students names have been changed and some information such
as names and locations left blank or omitted to protect confidentiality)

Actual references and contact information available on request


Advantage Investigations Security Services Inc.
21044 N. Camper Rd., Rathdrum, ID 83858

(208) 290-2277 Cell / (208) 267-5807 Office

I will be eternally grateful for your professionalism in how you handled my son's transport to the program I selected. The program was on the other side of the country from where we live, so there were going to be several plane changes in addition to a two plus hour drive once they landed. Obviously, the decision to send my son away was very difficult and heart wrenching, but needed to be done.

I strongly recommend using Advantage Adolescent and Interim Services if the need arises.

Ellen B. Huntsville AL